Astrological Consultation

Jenne studied Astrology at the Chiron Centre in Melbourne, which takes a psychological approach, from 1997 until 2000. She studied there for 4 years, obtaining the certificate of applied astrology after 2 years, and undertaking the diploma subjects. Jenne is a member of the Victorian Astrologers’ Association (VAA). She has attended International astrological conferences and workshops, as well as regular peer group input.

Star mural photo by Chance Agrella

Photo by Chance Agrella

Jenne has been undertaking astrological chart consultations since 1999, particularly interpreting the natal chart, transits, and solar returns, and using her astrological and psychological knowledge to consult with the client.

Jenne sees the astrological birth (natal) chart as a map of the psyche. It captures the moment of birth and the position of the planets at that time. It’s as unique as a fingerprint.

The position of the Sun in the chart is the position of your Sun/zodiac/star sign commonly found in the newspapers and online. It is only one (although significant) part of your chart, and thus these predictions are very general.

The natal (birth) chart is the core of astrology and consists of the position of 10 planets, over the 12 zodiac signs, and spread over 12 houses or areas of life. Having the exact birth time means your chart is accurate and uniquely you. Even a few minutes inaccuracy in birth time can alter the charts meaning significantly.

AN EXACT TIME OF BIRTH IS THUS CRUCIAL for an accurate chart interpretation.
E.g. the moon moves very fast, and so even a few minutes can make a difference to what sign your Moon is in, or even your Sun.

What is the best way to get your birth time?

  1. Which hospital were you born at? Ask your parents or look at your birth certificate
  2. Ring the hospital and ask for ‘medical records’.
  3. Ask medical records the cost of a medical record search and method of payment.
  4. Write to them with the payment enclosed (or via the internet if that’s applicable) AND ALL THE DETAILS i.e. your full name at birth, your date of birth and your parents full names.

But what if my hospital doesn’t exist anymore?

Some hospitals have amalgamated over the years, and so records may be held at a larger hospital. In Melbourne e.g. Jessie McPherson or Queen Victoria hospital went to Monash Medical Centre; Prince Henry’s to the Alfred.

Also all hospitals in Victoria are parts of networks, so if the hospital was in the southern suburbs, then it’s the Southern Health Network. Look up the White Pages to get the details of medical records of the Southern Network.

But what if I wasn’t born in a hospital? Or I can’t get any details from the hospital?

Then ask your Mum as a last resort! This is not the most accurate BUT is better than nothing. Remember your Mum was fairly preoccupied at the time! If you are born in the 1980’s onwards, where Dad’s were often in the labour ward, ask them! They may have a better recall or have written it down.

What now?

Once you have the time of birth (as best as you can get), then contact Jenne with this and your date and place of birth, and she will draw up your chart and make an appointment for 2-3 weeks time to enable her to study your chart in depth.

Contact Jenne

For an appointment

  • 0414 650 727


  • $150 for an astrological chart consultation which goes for an hour and a quarter.
  • Gift vouchers are also available.