Jenne sees people by appointment, and is based in East Brunswick, in Melbourne, Australia. She also offers a Counselling and Mental Health skills course for Tarot readers and Astrologers based in the Central Melbourne area.

  • Tarot Counselling (Readings):
    Duration: 1 hour, by appointment.
    Cost: $80.
    Gift Voucher Available
    Jenne interprets the cards in the context of dialogue with the client, assessing what the client needs via their questions, decisions and issues. The common ones are relationships and careers.
  • Tarot Supervision for Tarot readers- Individual or group:

             Cost: $80 per hour for individual or $35 per hour min 3 in group OR via SKYPE

  • Tarot Teaching 1:1  

              Cost: $60 per hour. Face to face or SKYPE. Min 2 hrs per session

  • Astrological Consultations – Natal Chart Astrology:
    Duration: 1.25 hours, by appointment
    Cost: $150.
    Gift Voucher Available
    Jenne has been undertaking astrological chart consultations since 1999, particularly interpreting the natal chart, transits, and solar returns, and using her astrological and psychological knowledge to consult with her clients.
  • Psycho-Spiritual Counselling:
    Duration: 1 hour, by appointment.
    Cost: $80.
    Jenne combines her many skills and experience in the areas of health, mental health, disability, education, vocational rehabilitation, and aged care with her spiritual practice in Wicca, Kabbalah and Buddhism to offer in depth psycho-spiritual counselling.
  • Courses:
    Counselling and Mental Health Skills for Tarot Readers, Astrologers and other Psycho-Spiritual Practitioners
    This course combines Jenne’s conventional counselling/mental health work and skill, with the esoteric – ultimately teaching the same skills of balancing and integration of the psyche and soul to psycho-spiritual practitioners. The course is offered either face to face or online.
    Face to face classes:
    Duration: 16 hours
    Cost: $480 ($440 in advance)
    Video classes:

  • 0414 650 727