Counselling and Mental Health Skills for Tarot and Astrology Consultants

Difficult Clients

Secret Ingredient to Relationship Readings



Counselling and Mental Health Skills for Tarot Readers,
Astrologers and other Psycho-Spiritual Practitioners

“For many years I have wanted to integrate my conventional clinical and educative work as a Social Worker, my knowledge from Medicine, and a large personal interest in psychology and psychiatry, with the esoteric. Golden BuddhaThis course has been a dream of mine for some years – the opportunity to combine conventional counselling/mental health work and skill, with the esoteric, ultimately aiming for a balance and integration of the psyche and soul.

“Having become a part-time tarot reader, then astrologer, whilst continuing to work as Social worker, I also studied Wicca, Jung, Kabbalah, Buddhism and other spiritual traditions, and engaged in therapy. This has been a profound path of self awareness, learning about my unconscious and life lessons, attempting to integrate all this knowledge and experience. And now, dare I say, I feel wisdom has evolved from a slow imperceptible depth of understanding of the psycho-spiritual.

“I put my ‘foot out into the world’, to actualise my ‘vocation’ and dream, I presented three talks at the Tarot Guild of Australia and the Astrologers Association, in Victoria, on ‘Counselling and Mental Health Skills’, which were well received. I finally sat and wrote a course encompassing my own inner intuition, a variety of counselling frameworks, Western psychiatry, my experience with Social Work, Tarot and Astrology clients, my sense of the Spirit and life’s lessons, which all came together in a course that I ran, in 2010, on Counselling and Mental Health Skills for Tarot Readers and Astrologers and related practitioners. The course was lively and clearly participants were eager to have those challenging issues that clients present with, understood more deeply, and for skills to be enhanced or developed. They recognised they were ‘counselling’, had some clients with complex issues and deep psychological pain. The participants keenly absorbed the context of the different counselling frameworks and were able to recognise and know what to do when a client with mental health issues appeared, both to be aware, to know what to do and what resources to offer the person. Finally the dream became a reality – the opportunity to combine conventional counselling/mental health work and skill, with the esoteric, ultimately aiming for a balance and integration of the psyche and soul.”

Course Content

Course content
The comprehensive range of topics includes:
 client issues
 counselling skills
 schools of therapy
 psychic and physical protection for the reader and client
 ethics and boundaries.
 family patterns
 relationship issues
 mental health issues
 depression and suicide
 psychoses
 personality disorders
 resources.

There are 4 x 4 hour sessions (or 8 x 2 hour) which are broken up into the following sections. These are approximate as Jenne responds to her audiences’ needs, using their examples and addressing their key needs.

  • Week ONE Counselling and relationship to tarot/astrology/reiki etc;
    Ethics/boundaries/self knowledge
  • Week TWO Schools of psychology/therapy/counselling types
  • Week THREE Families, Relationships
  • Week FOUR Mental health issues, Resources to assist clients

Each session is consecutive and comprises:

  • Presentation and discussion
  • Students examples
  • Activities/hands-on practice
  • Handouts

Jenne ran this course very successfully in 2010 and 2011. Read testimonials from past students.


  • $480 for 16 hour face to face course, (when adequate numbers in Melbourne)

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Client Skills for Tarot Readers

Video course through Global Spiritual Studies

types-therapy2Basically you buy my course, study it , then have the chance to discuss issues with me via email or Skype.
After doing a tarot or esoteric reading, have you ever felt you didn’t tune into your client as well as you could have? Maybe it was the way they said one thing but their body language said another, or you felt they were avoiding some obvious issue. Now imagine having a storehouse of practical knowledge about what makes people tick and how much more confident you would feel discussing the wide range of issues clients bring through the door. Jenne Perlstein’s course gives you exactly that – the knowledge to tune into your clients and practical ways of engaging them in their reading so that the experience is a positive one for both you and your clients. Topics covered include how counselling relates to astrology, tarot and different healing modalities; ethical issues and setting boundaries; schools of psychology; and mental health issues, including resources to assist clients.

Click here to watch a presentation where Jenne discusses the link between counselling, Tarot, astrology and healing modalities. It’s a lively discussion with plenty of interaction with people who were in the web conference room during the recording session.


Video recordings of the 12 classes are available as Windows Media files (.wmv). They can be viewed on PCs using Windows Media Player and on Macs using the free VLC multimedia player for Mac operating systems which can be downloaded here.

Total file size for:

  • Classes 1-6:  1.89 GB (7 hours, 12 mins)
  • Classes 7-12:  1.29 GB (7 hours, 46 mins)

You can purchase them as files –

  • you download onto your computer or device
  • stored on a DVD (NB: for this option you need access to a computer with a DVD player)
  • stored on a USB flash drive.

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Tuning in to ‘difficult’ clients

Any tarot or psychic reader will tell you that an ability to ‘read’ their clients is essential. Tuning in is easy when the person who comes for a reading is willing to engage in the process, responds to the way you’re interpreting the cards and is open to new ways of seeing whatever issue is being discussed. But what about the so-called ‘difficult’ clients, the ones who wear dark glasses, sit with their arms folded, never say a word because you’re the mind-reader and you should know what they’re thinking! Or the down , sad and confused client  who is having trouble getting  the words out ? or the one who just answers yes/ no/don’t know? How do you, as the reader, feel and how do you deal with  the person and the negative energy such behaviour generates? What do you do???

In this class Jenne Perlstein draws on her extensive experience as a Social Worker and Professional Tarot reader to help you understand why people could be presenting as:

  • resistant
  • obsessive
  • manipulative
  • aggressive
  • anxious
  • demanding
  • dreamy
  • or just plain ‘odd’!
The other side of the coin is how you respond to ‘difficult’ clients. What are you bringing into the room that may be influencing the way you perceive a client’s behaviour?

This class is available as a recording you watch online. Alternatively, you can purchase it as a DVD – suitable for viewing on a computer screen. The format is suitable for both PCs and Macs.

  • online recording: $22USD
  • DVD: $25 USD+ packaging and postage.

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 The secret ingredient to effective relationship readings

From The New Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene.

Any tarot reader or astrologer will tell you that questions about love relationships are top of the list with people who come for readings…questions like “Does he love me?” “I know we’re meant to be together, but when’s it going to happen?” And how many times do they, as readers, think “Why is he/she so obsessed with this person?” What’s the real issue here?”

The secret ingredient lies with understanding human behaviour, with recognising what shapes the way we react to people, the way we create and respond to situations. In these two live webinars, Jenne Perlstein draws on her experience as a social worker, tarot reader and astrologer to deepen your understanding of the cards and planetary influences that reveal the true story behind those relationship questions. Topics for discussion include:

  • personality theories such as transactional analysis
  • family of origin issues
  • tarot cards and planetary influences that provide clues to  underlying behavioural patterns
  • ways of interacting with clients to provide a positive reading experience.


  • access to two online recordings: $44 USD 
  • Set of three DVDs: $46 USD+ packaging and postage.

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