14th August 2014

Jenne’s tarot reading was an experience of clarity and insight. The cards and reading gave useful  images to match the words and concepts.

She brings a wealth of psychological skills to the table.I found the reading to be both  uplifting and perceptive. 

With Thanks Victoria

6th August 2014

A comment after my Tarot Guild workshop on Relationships and Tarot!

‘Natasha Watkins-  Thanks Jenne. Loved your workshop on the weekend!’

The Secret Ingredient for relationship readings – In Tarot & other consultations  WEBINAR

Sarah Carrington Go you, I’ve listened to the first one and participated in the second one and again, thoroughly enjoyed what you brought to the table! You’re a wise woman Jenne, and it’s an honour to share in the depth and breath of your knowledge and understanding of humanity. And also we’re vey lucky as tarot communities, to have people like Linda Marson, who take their tarot work to the next level and can deliver high caliber courses and workshops by “harnessing the power” of the online opportunities of our times. Sincere thanks to both of you and your collective talents! 7-10-13  Tarot Club

Delphine Sutherland This looks really good. I shall put it on my wish list for next month. X  7-10-13  Tarotholics Anonymous

Pamela Jones Good was waiting for the recordings 7-10-13  Tarot Guild

JanLouise Tarot Counsellor I found the courses very informative and relevant. Well done Jenne 7-10-13  Tarot Counseling

Mary Greer – LIKE on FB

Caitlín Matthews: Re Jenne’s course- This will be very good everyone! Jenne knows her stuff!

28-8-13 Tarotholics Anonymous


Thanks Jenne, was really great meeting you. I actually had a great nights sleep last night, so think your counselling really helped with my worries and helped set me on a very good direction as well as confirming that I’m on the right track. Many thanks for that. Amy.  Aug 2013


Jenne. Thank you for yesterday . So many great  lessons for me . I am glad I found you . Diana.  May 2013


Hi Jenne
Yes I absolutely loved the session.
I found it very accurate and your presentation was great. For me was like a counselling session , I learned more about myself and could relate every thing i heard from you to my actual life!
For me that session was a big step forward towards knowing myself more, and that would help me to achieve more self confidence, happiness and joy throughout my life.
Thank you so much . Sima May 2013


Thank you Jenne for providing highly intuitive and compassionate insight during my recent appointment. You are truly insightful and make people feel comfortable to express themselves openly even when going through challenges. This was certainly my recent experience. I have your card and will be recommending you to others most certainly. Michele. Aug 2012


I’m finding your course exceeds my expectations, it’s a gift I will use for many years to come. As a tarot reader I couldn’t have asked for more, it has blown me away.
I definitely want to keep in touch in the future, hence my application to join your mail list – you’re a mine of information and resource, and so user friendly – you’re perfect!!
Sarah Fortune
Course Participant – Mar 2012″

Thank you for the reading last night! It all makes so much sense. I will highly recommend you and have your card to give out!

Aug 2011

Jenne Perlstein is a great counselling teacher! Thanks Jenne for all your help!

I wish you well, and hope that you get lots of people coming to your course, because you really know your stuff!!! Good Luck x x

Cheryl Ford
Committee Member
Tarot Guild of Australia
2010 Course participant.

I highly recommend a reading with Jenne for clarity, insight and direction

Rebecca D’Arcy

Jenne Perlstein’s Course:
Counselling & Mental Health Skills for Tarot Readers and Astrologers.
Published in ‘The Magician’ TGA Magazine 2010

By Linda Henery

After hearing Jenne present a workshop on counseling skills for Tarot readers 2 years ago, I was keen to participate in her first 8 week class beginning in July this year. Jenne’s course is an excellent complement to the study of Tarot, particularly for those contemplating professional membership. This course would also be of benefit to any Tarot enthusiast reading for others, whether it be professionally or not. At a time in our society when mental illness is a growing concern, it unlikely that most people will be untouched by its effects, whether it be personal experience or dealing with a friend or family member suffering some form of these debilitating and isolating conditions. As a professional Tarot reader, it is highly likely that at some time, one will be confronted with a client in need of more specialised help than a tarot reading can give. This workshop provided the information on how to recognize such clients and stategies for dealing with challenging situations.

Jenne has worked for many years accumulating a wealth of knowledge in medicine, psychology, psychiatry, tarot and astrology. She holds degrees in both medicine and social work, an area in which Jenne has worked for many years. Jenne has been a Professional member of the Tarot Guild since 1996. Jenne presents in a relaxed, reflective manner and clearly is passionate about bringing all her skills and knowledge together in a well integrated course.

The classes were held on cold Monday nights and began with selecting a card each for the session, and doing a meditation to create the mood for learning in a relaxed manner. The classes were very interactive as everyone was encouraged to bring their personal experiences to be used as examples. Notes and reference books were extensive and each topic was dealt with in great depth and the time flew by in every class.

In her course,Jenne covered a comprehensive range of topics which included

  • Mental health Issues
  • Depression and Suicide
  • Psychoses
  • Personality disorders
  • Family patterns
  • Resources
  • Client Issues
  • Psychic and physical protection for the Reader and Client
  • Ethics and boundaries.

While readers have innate intuitive abilities which they use in dealing with clients, hearing Jenne describe the theory behind counseling skills is affirming and builds confidence in one’s manner in reading for others and enables one to fine tune some of their existing practices.

My expectation of the course was to learn more about issues which may affect people and therefore improve my counseling skills and my interaction with clients. Little did I realize I would be analyzing my own personality, environment and past and this demonstrated to me how much we can be prone to viewing, and even judging others, through our own experiences. While looking at the theory in the light of one’s own life, can be at times confronting, it ultimately can, however, be most liberating. Jenne emphasizes throughout the course the need for readers to be aware of their own practices in readings and to continually be prepared to do the “inner work” and not become complacent and think that we have no need to improve our own abilities. Knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses is critical in becoming a skilled tarot reader. There can always be ways of improving ourselves as readers. I believe this is part of the essence of Tarot, we can always keep learning, not only about Tarot but about ourselves and our clients.

With Jenna’s abundance of knowledge and experience in her chosen fields, hopefully she will continue to present a range of courses and workshops which cover the topics in this course and associated topics as her course served to open up more areas to cover for the tarot reader or astrologer. Jenne’s sharing of her knowledge is a great contribution to the overall education available to tarot readers and to promoting ethical behaviour in the field. In the future, I look forward to participating in Jenne Perlstein’s sharing of her accumulated wisdom.


” I studied private tarot tutoring with Jenne weekly for a period of 3 months.
My intention was to learn an indepth foundtional understanding of the various
archetypes that govern the tarot cards. Jenne was the pefect teacher for this
and I am very happy with the understanding  of the cards I gained throughout my
lessons with her. Jenne not only has a background in mental health training but
also a broad and indepth knowledge of many religious and spiritual
traditions. The teachings throughout the lessons reflected this wealth of
knowledge combined with an indepth knowledge of the cards themselves. Jenne is
skilled at teaching not only the meanings but how to read the cards from a
mature and grounded perspective. I recommend Jenne as a teacher of the mystical
art of tarot or as a skilled reader herself. ” Brigitte Garvey Dec 2011